About the team

Business priorities of Solitaire include provision of quality services, assurance of safety of workers and maintenance of commitment to the community where company’s operations are being carried out. All quality services are assured by team work. Individuals who make the team of Solitaire Construction Company are committed to the cause, performance, strength and passion of the business. Workers have a strong connection to these ideals and they aim to contribute in the progressive growth and success. Qualified professionals in the company assure development of solutions, procedures, systems and methods that are required to ascertain satisfactory service delivery to clients. Expertise of our staff in construction project management ascertains that quality products and services are offered to clients within reasonable timeframe and fair budget. We believe in providing training to our employees and clients with full respect. This allows us to grow as a team with innovation and creativity. Integrity, honesty and business ethics are important pillars of functioning at Solitaire Construction Company.